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Blessings At Mass

Sunday Mass is a beautiful thing. It neatly wraps up one week and begins the next, all in one giant prayer. It’s a time for us to be safe, away from the world, refocusing our life on the One who loves us most.

I always thought that having a child would end my ability to pay attention at Mass. You look around at the other families and the kids are so adorable that you can’t take your eyes off of them, or they’re little pistols moving constantly. Right now Benedict is the former. What I didn’t realize is how your children actually enhance your Mass experience.

Mass is not about what you “get out of it.” If the choir is bad, or the homily is lame, it doesn’t matter. Mass isn’t about the parts, it’s about the sum. It’s about celebrating the life that we have, the opportunity to live in Heaven, and to bring our needs and thanks to God’s altar. In our ultra busy world, it’s a chance for us to slow down and rest. It’s the right time to pause and acknowledge our faults and failings, and resolve to rise and sin no more.

Mass is also a great time to reflect on our blessings. Benedict is just plain cute right now. Alison and I have a rotating schedule to determine who gets to hold him each week during mass. It’s something we both look forward to! Of course, if I’m not holding him, I still get to look at him, so it’s really a win-win. Back to the point, Benedict is a blessing to both Alison and I. In the spiritual life, there are many abstracts. It’s nice to have a concrete blessing to look at. Other blessings could include a prayer answered, some good news at work, or even resolving a conflict in your life or marriage.

Many Catholics think that Mass is boring or unnecessary. That would make them wrong. What’s so sad about this opinion is that it causes people to miss the weekly (or daily!) joyful celebration of our life as God’s chosen people.

Next time you’re at Mass, contemplate the many blessings in your life and give thanks for them!