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Getting Back on the Horse

We underestimate the power of momentum. Momentum, as it builds, evolves into an unstoppable force. Decision making becomes easier when you step aside and let the momentum of the situation continue to push you forward. Getting it started, or reversing negative momentum, well that's a whole other story.

The heat of summer completely killed my exercise momentum. Throughout the dead of winter, Benedict and I suited up and did our 4 mile daily walk all bundled up. It wasn't pleasant, but it wasn't terrible. The oppressive heat and humidity of this summer kept us inside most days and when we did get out there on the trail, I came back with a completely soaked shirt. Disgusting.

Weather is certainly a big obstacle when it comes to exercising outdoors, but so is illness. Being sick typically lasts more than just a day or two. The effects and fatigue can take up to a week to resolve after the symptoms subside. You just don't feel up to your game and again, you're kept on the bench.

This is how most negative trends start. A bad day of weather, an illness, a trip. Negative momentum builds, and builds, and builds until it's moving too fast against you.

There's no easy around it; you have to push back. Hard. You build momentum by getting out there and getting it done. Reverse any negative trend by doing the exact opposite with extreme prejudice.

If you're suffering from negative momentum, do the opposite today, do it tomorrow, and keep doing it until you're back on top.