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To Avoid Whatever Leads Me to Sin

There are many things that society has decided are weak in men.

Forgiveness, losing a fight, being beaten by a girl.

The problem is, they’re wrong.

In fact, some of the things that have been called weak are actually strength.

Humility is one of those things.

In the Act on Contrition, we promise, “…to avoid whatever leads me to sin.”

Sin is a chain, it’s not a single action.

For each violation of your Baptismal promises, there are a series of non-sin decisions that take you across the line.

At each link in the chain, you could call it quits and stop the sin. It’s like an offramp on a highway. But we don’t often take it.

Knowing yourself can be a great help in forming yourself in virtue. If you recognize the links starting to put themselves together, you can break the chain.

So, what is it that keeps getting you into trouble? Knock it off.