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Can She Really Always Be Right

One of the concepts that I struggle with is, "Your wife is always right." I make plenty of mistakes, a fact that doesn't bother me. Absolute statements, though, make me cautious. At the very least, they deserve a bit more scrutiny.

The era of male dominance is over. This ending is a good thing. God created man and woman as partners, to be equally yoked. If total male societal power is wrong, so too is radical feminism. Honoring the dignity of all people can't be achieved at the expense of one another.

Men and women share in the dignity of the human person but have particular dynamics worth praising. Men and women are not better or lesser; they're different. Those differences are critical to the composition of the family and the stability of society.

Unfortunately, radical feminism seems to insist that respect for women is only possible through the degradation of men. The media portrays men as idiots. Sadly, many families adopt this mentality, boxing husbands and fathers out of critical leadership roles.

This overcorrection is a terrible trend. Men should be active in family and societal life. We have something to contribute when building stronger families and brighter futures. Studies prove that children do better in youth and adulthood when their father is present.

Back to the beginning, is your wife always right? This phrase is best not taken literally. Instead, it's a reminder to defer to your wife. It's a default stance that fosters love, harmony, and mutual respect. It's a reminder to set aside the rougher edges of masculinity and be vulnerable enough to trust your wife.

We're to love our wives as Christ loved the Church. (Eph 5:25) That's a love that led Christ to endure torture and death. It's an act of love to defer to your wife. It's an opportunity to show deference to the cradle of life, your partner.